Sunday, September 2, 2012

Deck Redux

When we purchased the house, the backyard came with a deck. While not the prettiest, it served its purpose well and was used semi-regularly when friends came over.

With the remodel, the deck saw its fair share of abuse, and about a month ago, we decided to rebuild it. Rebuilding involved so much more math and construction I had not anticipated and I am so so happy it is over.

Old deck, and old deck demo:

After demo, we went to Home Depot and bought all the lumber they had:

And Chris tried to figure out how to fit 16' boards into an 8' trailer while lots of people watched.

After a slow and careful ride home, Chris and our awesome neighbor hauled the insanely long boards of lumber into the backyard. We used some of the old joists from the original, but doubled the overall size by building out another 8 feet. We also beefed up the support, with a few beams and some extra concrete deck blocks.

For the actual decking itself, we used yellow pine because our goal was to paint the deck something foxy! Each board was painted with primer first, then screwed into place on top of the joists. This took a lot more time than expected because 16' boards are almost always warped, leaving uneven gaps between each deck piece. To fix this problem, we ratchet-strapped each board into place to keep consistent spacing between boards.

Once all the boards were screwed in, Chris painted the top deck with a coat of white deck paint.

Then came the fun.

I really REALLY wanted to paint a chevron pattern on our new deck. This involved a lot of spacing, math and numbers that I was not ready for, but Chris was able to copy the pattern off a pillow from our living room.

And again, I will keep you readerzzzzzz waiting for more. Will post on the actual outcome of the deck chevron pattern tomorrow. Tonight, we are off to a laborless Labor Day partaaaay!