Thursday, August 30, 2012


So our bathroom remodel is still not complete. Not to worry though, there is plenty to blog about at our house, and tonight, it's all about the backyard.

When Chris and I were looking at houses, the last thing on our mind was the state of any outdoor space. As long as the lot had something that resembled a 'backyard' we were happy. Things like grass, trees, even a fence really, just didn't seem important. 

Fast forward 18months to the present and reality has it. Here is a before picture of our jungle-esque backyard:

Being that the grass was becoming a bit of a fire hazard (?) and a family of raccoons had made our unruly backyard their new home, we figured, no better time that the present to take on this new project. by ourselves. in the dead heat of summer.

Some more before pics:

Deck Before:

We are still not done, but have made some significant progress in the last few weeks. I will hopefully post on our progress tomorrow. But tonight, I am sleepy. The fall semester has started and I teach an 8am class on T/TH mornings. 

But before I leave, here is an inspiration photo:

jaaaaykaaaay guys.

For Realz Inspiration:

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